Whole Mouth Health: Oral Health Literacy & Behaviour Change

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A whole mouth health model cannot be based on a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Adapting to individual needs and tailoring to specific contexts is necessary for such a model to work

The prevailing model for oral healthcare provision is based on intervention, where dentists respond to the presence of active disease. There is growing acceptance that this is resource-intensive, of debatable effectiveness and poor value for money at a population level, when compared to prevention.‘Whole Mouth Health’ seeks to provide people with the resources and capacity to better understand and enact models of self-care that sustain good oral health.

Adapting to individual needs and contexts is critical rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

This webinar will describe the rationale and progress of a co-design approach to meet this challenge.

Learning objectives:

– An understanding of the ‘cost’ of the current model of oral service provision

– An understanding of the factors that promote behaviour change over and above oral health literacy

– An understanding of the concept of whole mouth health

– An understanding of Co-design (in health research & health care)

– An understanding of the co-design process applied to develop the whole mouth health platform

– An update on progress

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08 dec. 2021 - 08 dec. 2023

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