VII. Aesthetic area, surgical and prosthetic approach

From the basics of implant insertion, up to the massive ridge reconstruction, soft tissue management and state-of-the-art implant prosthetics, the complete course aspirations are to create a professional environment and a social network amongst the speakers and the course participants.If you are interested in learning or improving your implantology skills, we warmly welcome you to Dinu & Associates Implant Academy in Cluj-Napoca.

1. Review basics and biologic principles

2. Choose the best clinical decision

3. Get the skills with us

4. Apply it in your practice  Hard & Soft tissue

The long-term success of the dental implants is directly dependent by the amount and the quality of the surrounding tissues.

The first four modules of the year programme course are focused on the case analysis and planning, ideal implant positioning and how to obtain sufficient and stable peri implant bone and soft tissue in different clinical situations.


October 22-23, 2021 (First annual programme)

May 06-07, 2022 (Second annual programme)

Esthetic has played an important role over the years in patient perception and expectations regarding dental procedures, being a subject of high interest when we are talking about implant rehabilitation in the esthetic area; this is the reason why we dedicated a whole module to cover this topic.

It is a thin line between success and failure whenever we have to replace a single incisor with an implant for example. Amongst the factors that influence the outcome of the rehabilitation we can mention the bone and soft tissue deficiencies at the implanted site and last but not the least the prosthetic management of the area in terms of planning and execution.

The aim of this module is to synthetize all the information discussed in the previous module and adapting the techniques and procedures to the esthetic zone.

We will approach the subject from both a surgical and a prosthetic point of view, in order for the attendees to be able to put all the information and acquired skills into action for the best esthetic outcomes.

1. Contents

  • Aesthetic analyses of the case
  • Wax-up, mock-up
  • Implant insertion in the esthetic area – tips and tricks
  • Bone preservation techniques
  • Implant loading protocols
  • Types of provisional restoration
  • Staging of prosthetic procedures for contouring the gingival profile
  • Impression techniques and gingival profile transfer (conventional vs digital)

2. Hands-on training

  • 3D planning an implant insertion in the frontal maxilla
  • Custom healing abutment
  • Direct provisional on implant – “S line” concept
  • Gingival profile impression and transfer

3. Live surgery

  • Implant placement in the esthetic area (reconstructed site, postextractional, socket shield)
  • Immediate impression (conventional vs digital)
  • Provisional vs final prosthetic delivery



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06 - 07 mai 2022

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