VI. Prosthetic on implants

From the basics of implant insertion, up to the massive ridge reconstruction, soft tissue management and state-of-the-art implant prosthetics, the complete course aspirations are to create a professional environment and a social network amongst the speakers and the course participants.If you are interested in learning or improving your implantology skills, we warmly welcome you to Dinu & Associates Implant Academy in Cluj-Napoca.

1. Review basics and biologic principles

2. Choose the best clinical decision

3. Get the skills with us

4. Apply it in your practice  Hard & Soft tissue

The long-term success of the dental implants is directly dependent by the amount and the quality of the surrounding tissues.

The first four modules of the year programme course are focused on the case analysis and planning, ideal implant positioning and how to obtain sufficient and stable peri implant bone and soft tissue in different clinical situations.


Implant dentistry can be considered a prosthetic discipline with a surgical component, giving the fact that for any implant rehabilitation, all the cases start with the prosthetic planning and end up with delivering of the final prosthetic work.

Having this idea in mind, the collaboration between dentists and oral surgeons has to be the “best in class” in order to deliver the greatest outcome.

Even if your practice focuses only on surgical implant treatment or just prosthetic implant rehabilitation, the knowledge of the prosthesis on implants should be consolidated in order for the professional to be able to explain to the patient the different types of treatment that can be performed. The information on the development of the materials, technology and the latest research on tissue reaction to different type of implant restorations can be overwhelming.

The purpose of this module is to provide the necessary knowledge to carry out the diagnosis, a proper and individualized treatment plan and the bases to develop step by step the different phases of the prosthetic rehabilitation on implants, from simple cases up to full arch implant restorations.

1. Contents

  • Prosthetic loading protocols
  • Emergence profile
  • Factors that determine the type of pillar to use (characteristics and indications)
  • Screw versus cement-retained prosthesis
  • Single crown, bridges, full arch restorations
  • Differences between natural teeth and implants and their importance in taking impressions.
  • Impression technique (standard vs digital, open/closed tray)
  • Material selection
  • The importance of the temporary prostheses.
  • The concept of overdenture
  • Occlusion on implants
  • Implant supported prosthetics maintenance (night guard, recall, x-ray protocols)

2. Hands-on training

  • Impression techniques for implants (classic vs digital)
  • Transferring the information to the dental technician
  • Custom abutment manufacturing
  • Provisional prosthetic on implants
  • Tips and tricks from single crown to full arch prosthetic restoration

3. Live surgery

  • Impression techniques digital vs conventional
  • Implant placement, provisional to final restoration



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