Ulpia Periodontics Summit Spain 2021

Dear Doctors, Technicians and Nurses,

Welcome to the “ Ulpia Periodontics Summit “! We promise to prepare and deliver a very exciting and challenging event that has no boundaries for online education.

In these quite difficult and very unusual times, it is more important than ever before that we stick together. Because only united, we can get over the crisis,  move towards better times and hope to get our regular lives and activities back in the very near future.

In this context, Ulpia aims to do what we know best and what we started years ago as Conect Dentistry: to connect people involved in dentistry. We have already run many successful summits in Romania and Republic of Moldavia, we have the will and the know-how for such events so our wish is to facilitate the information exchange between colleagues all over the globe.

From 1 to 3 November , we will bring together top tier specialists who will approach  the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal diseases and other fundamental aspects of the periodontal practice.

The structure of the event will be a complex one, with more summits running in parallel in different countries. This way, we give the chance for most of the lectures to be held in the local language, to have no time zone difficulties and also give the speakers the chance to approach some particularities of their countries.

We invite all those of you who are interested to learn and discuss or willing to share information about the latest innovations and practice in periodontology, to meet online during the summit where we hope to bring together over 20.000 dental professionals.

Register now and meet national and international speakers specialized in Periodontics.



Pentru mai multe detalii, vă rugăm să contactați organizatorul evenimentului. DentNow nu își asumă responsabilitatea pentru eventualele modificări ale programului de desfășurare a evenimentului.

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01 - 03 nov. 2021

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