Soft Tissue Management Around Teeth And Implants

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We invite you to the first Dental Leaders Class at Zucchelli Institute, Bologna (Italy). We worked together with Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli on one of the most avant-garde course models, having one of the hottest topics in periodontology, and the most evolved structure from the perspective of the learning experience.

You may be wondering why hybrid programs are so successful? What is the purpose of an online module, when you can get the same information right in the face-to-face course.An online part, available several days before the course, helps you to create a specific mental setting, to associate the information with the cases you have encountered in the past and to be able to prepare questions to help you clarify the solutions. Through the online module, you get more time for free discussions, case studies and experiment. Dental Leaders has been experimenting with this learning model for three years now and the feedback from the community has always been excellent.


Learning Objectives

✔️ Solve all doubts regarding the theoretical part treated during the on-line webinars

✔️ Reproduce on pig jaw all surgical procedures on the treatment of gingival recession in lower jaw and on graft around implants

✔️ Show the step by step of the surgical procedures during live surgeries


Speaker: Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli


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27 - 29 sept. 2021


10:00 - 17:00

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Bologna, Italy

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