Risk assessment of patients with M3Ms


This webinar will update participants in the prevention of trigeminal nerve injuries during dental surgery. It will discuss the assessment of patients with M3M and the surgical difficulty along with surgical modifications you can make to minimise nerve injuries. It will also provide follow up advice as to how best identify nerve injuries and assist resolution of nerve injuries.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise and minimise risk to the trigeminal nerve when undertaking dental procedures
  • Understand the importance of preventing nerve injuries and the impact on those patients affected
  • Understand how to improve patient consent
  • Be able to develop a better strategy for assessing and identifying high-risk patients
  • Know when to refer or treat.


Learning content

A one-hour presentation with the chance to ask the speaker questions at the end of the webinar.

About the speaker

Tara Renton

Professor in Oral Surgery, King’s College London

Tara completed her dentistry at Guys; oral and maxillofacial surgical training in Melbourne; PhD in trigeminal nerve injury at King’s College London (KCL) and; senior lectureship at Queen Mary University of London. Over the past 10 years at KCL, Tara has developed education programmes such as an academic oral surgery training programme, as well as the first orofacial pain Master’s programme.

She has established an international, leading programme of trigeminal nerve injury and orofacial pain research, publishing over 150 peer reviewed articles and grants. She has set up two patient-facing websites – trigeminalnerve.org.uk (LINK), a website advising both patients and clinicians in preventing and managing iatrogenic nerve injury in relation to dentistry; and orofacialpain.co.uk (LINK), a website for patients with chronic trigeminal pain.

Tara is on the Dental Update Editorial Board, is Co-editor of the BDJ Clinical Guides for Oral Surgery (Books I and II), Editor of Warman Orofacial Pain book and Editor of The Art of LA with Andrew Mason. Tara is an Elected Member of the RCS England FDS Board, the RCS Eng National Advisor for Oral Surgery, Member of the Oral Surgery SAC and Dental Senate. She represents dentistry on the National Surgical Safety Board, is London South CLRN Lead and is President of the British Association of Oral Surgeons.



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30 sept. 2021 - 29 nov. 2021

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