Minimum Intervention Dentistry – restorative and pediatric clinical practice

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Minimum Intervention has been focused mainly on caries, although this concept can be applied to every disease. To achieve long-term results in therapy of the patients focus today is primary on early identification and assessment of caries risk factors by using caries risk assessment forms. Furthermore, it is important to diagnose the first signs of demineralization of hard dental tissue in order to avoid surgical treatment. Modern way of treatment in dental practice is based on concept that demineralized, non-cavitated lesions can be „healed“ using different treatment options. Even in deep lesions concept of remineralization can be applied in order to preserve vitality of the toot. The choice of material as well as procedures depends on multiple factors, which are influenced by the severity of the disease.

MID follows three steps:individual risk assessment of the disease, early detection, and minimally invasive treatment. This sequence and approach also allow us to connect with the

Learning Objectives:

  • To describe Minimum Intervention Treatment Plan (MITP) and to introduce the current state of knowledge
  • To assess the clinical treatment based on MITP as an excellent tool to manage patients with challenging behavior.
  • To review early diagnosis and treatment alternatives of enamel defects in young patients and pediatric dentistry



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15 iul. 2021 - 15 iul. 2024

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