IV. Soft tissue management in implant dentistry

From the basics of implant insertion, up to the massive ridge reconstruction, soft tissue management and state-of-the-art implant prosthetics, the complete course aspirations are to create a professional environment and a social network amongst the speakers and the course participants.If you are interested in learning or improving your implantology skills, we warmly welcome you to Dinu & Associates Implant Academy in Cluj-Napoca.

1. Review basics and biologic principles

2. Choose the best clinical decision

3. Get the skills with us

4. Apply it in your practice  Hard & Soft tissue

The long-term success of the dental implants is directly dependent by the amount and the quality of the surrounding tissues.

The first four modules of the year programme course are focused on the case analysis and planning, ideal implant positioning and how to obtain sufficient and stable peri implant bone and soft tissue in different clinical situations.


An important outcome of any dental implant procedure, besides the osseointegration, the optimum 3D implant position and the implant prosthetics is to achieve a good soft tissue acceptance and integration.

The soft tissue that surrounds the tooth or the implant supported crown has been of major interest for research and development in the past decades. The quality and quantity of the soft tissue is essential for the overall mouth health.

After receiving any type of dental surgery, the soft tissue appearance becomes even more important because any limitation of the surgical procedure can lead to modifications in terms of color, contour, size, texture and last but not the least scar tissue, shortcomings that can be really difficult or in some cases impossible to correct.

During this module, we highlight the importance that soft tissue has for optimizing the surgical result focusing on the gingival recession pathology, the lack of keratinized tissue and the volume modifications that can be overpassed with the help of tissue grafting. Mastering the techniques discussed in the previous modules, the participants will refine their surgical skills in order to deliver the best treatment option for their clinical cases.

1. Contents

  • Pink aesthetics – basic principles for copying the nature
  • Free gingival grafts – principles, indication, technique comparison teeth vs implants
  • Connective tissue grafts – principles, indication, harvesting techniques
  • Recession coverage procedures – teeth vs implants
  • Soft tissue volume corrections around implants
  • Soft tissue substitutes

2. Hands-on training

  • Soft tissue graft harvesting technique
  • Free gingival graft (receiver bed preparation, harvesting and suturing technique)
  • Coronally advanced flap for single/multiple recession

3. Live surgery

  • Keratinized tissue management around teeth/implants
  • Recession coverage procedure – coronally advanced flap with/without grafting



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