FOCUS is a course about the patients journey, from the first visit throughout diagnostics and functional stabilization up until the treatment planning.

It consists of three theoretical-hands on modules addressed to general practitioners, prosthodontists, orthodontists and everyone who wishes to have a better understanding of the patients assessment, the different types of appliances and their use and finally the treatment planning.

FOCUS Analyzer helps us gain understanding of the functional and aesthetic evaluation in order to diagnose the patient and to recognize a functional stable patient from a non-stable one.

FOCUS Stabilization is about the different types of appliances and how to use them in order to stabilize the patient before the treatment planning.

FOCUS Planning guides us through the decision process of treatment planning by selecting the appropriate approach for each individual case, whether it is by moving teeth, by additive or negative equilibration or by restorations.

Each participant will be involved in the practical aspect of every step of this journey.Our focus is to share every step as practical as possible so that the information can be directly applied the next day.

Modules: 3

  • FOCUS Analyzer
  • FOCUS Stabilization
  • FOCUS Planning

Days: 8



3 DAYS: 23-25.09.2021

FOCUS ANALYZER is an experience through which we will gain understanding of the functional and esthetic evaluation in order to diagnose the patient.

We will learn how to distinguish a functional muscle and joint system from a dysfunctional one and acquire the practical skills to assess them.

Furthermore, we will get familiarized with the elements of facial esthetics and the components of a harmonious smile which will be of tremendous help in the esthetic and functional treatment planning.


• To recognize which patient is ready to be treated safely

• Learn how the joints and muscles work and how to evaluate them on a patient

• Discover how to assess and plan the treatment from an esthetic point of view

• Get familiarized with an evaluation system that will guide you through these steps in order to diagnose with confidence

• Get to know the patient, systemize the diagnostic and the treatment planning process


• The patients journey from initial evaluation to diagnostics

• Anatomy: muscle and joint elements and how they interact

• How to recognize and assess muscle and joint issues

• Differentiate a functional stable patient from an unstable one

• Learn how to differentially diagnose muscle from joint issues

• Components of facial and smile esthetics

• Learn how to systemize the evaluation process of esthetics and function


• Muscle and joint assessment

• Using the functional and esthetic evaluation charts

• Diagnostics of three virtual patients and case presentation



2 DAYS: 22-23.10.2021

FOCUS FUNCTIONAL STABILIZATION is an introduction in why and how to do appliances for our patients.

After having assessed the patient from the functional point of view in Focus Analyzer, Focus Stabilization is a course that comes in hand for those patients that need functional stabilization before starting the treatment plan.

We will understand how to differentiate muscle from TMJ disorder, get acquainted with the different types of appliances and learn when and how to choose the proper one for each particular case. In addition, we will construct an appliance and equilibrate it in order to get comfortable using appliances in our daily practice and we will get all the practical information for designing and adjusting splints.


• Learn how to stabilize the dysfunctional patient

• Discover the different types of appliances and how to use them

• Get comfortable with appliance adjustment


• Concept – How to use splints to treat the dysfunctional patient

• The impact of the splints on muscle activity and TMJ

• The different types of splints and their purpose

• How to use splints to differentiate muscle from TMJ disorder

• Which types of splints to use in muscle disorders

• Which types of splints to use in different TMJ disorders

• How to construct them and how to equilibrate


• Design and construct a splint on a mounted model on the articulator

• Equilibrate the splint on a mounted model on the articulator



3 DAYS: 18-20.11.2021

Every treatment plan starts only after having established a clear diagnostic.

In FOCUS PLANNING we will learn how to decide which will be the best approach for each individual case, whether it will imply reshaping teeth, moving them, restoring them or even a more complex solution.

We will concentrate on setting clear treatment goals according to our patients problem list and chief complaints and how to stage the interdisciplinary team approach.


• It will help us set clear treatment objectives

• It will guide us in finding the best treatment approach for each individual case: positive or negative coronoplasty (restorative), surgery, orthodontics or a combination of these.

• We will learn the treatment and communication protocols in multidisciplinary approaches


• Differentiating the treatment protocol in easy and complex cases

• The thinking process in treatment planning

• How to use mounted models to test the positive and negative coronoplasty approach

• Why and when to do orthodontic set-ups and wax-ups

• The staging of the multidisciplinary team approach

• How to equilibrate the final occlusion• Case studies


• Treatment planning for three virtual patients with complete documentation

• Life patient


• General practitioners

• Prosthodontics

• Orthodontist

•  The participants from FOCUS – Dental Photography. Communication who wish to have a better understanding of the patients evaluation process.


• coffee-break & snacks

• lunch

For this hands on will be included also 

• A decision chart for the different splints

• A short video of splint construction and equilibration


Clinica Lazar, Oradea

Oradea, B.P. Hașdeu 22, 41003 – Romania



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31 mart. 2022 - 28 mai 2022

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