Autoclav clasa B, capacitate 17 litri, cu touchscreen

Brand: W&H

Model: MB17

An fabricatie: 2005

Numar cicluri: 7155

Include suport tavite dual din inox cu o capacitate de:

– pana la 5 tavite sterilizaresau

– pana la 3 casete de sterilizare

Autoclavul include 1 (una) tavita de sterilizare.

Made in ITALY

Optional: imprimanta pentru inregistrarea parametrilor de functionare si asigurarea trasabilitatii (+ 1000 ron)

STARE: utilizat, in stare f buna. Usa de acces la gurile de evacuare si butonul de pornire este usor crapata in dreapta jos. Nu afecteaza functionarea autoclavului in niciun fel.

Garantie 30 zile

– Se livreaza cu Buletin admitere in functionare in Romania (autorizare ISCIR) valabil 1 an.Dupa aceasta perioada se efectueaza verificari periodice de catre firme specializate (autorizate ISCIR)



Fully automated, microprocessor-controlled tabletop sterilizer with a deep, round, stainless-steel chamber.

Uses 2 vacuum cycles (pre-vacuum and post-vacuum) so instruments come out sterile and completely dry.

Total wrapped cycle time is 30 to 40 minutes depending on the size of the load to be sterilized.

Interactive touch screen with cycle-selection menus.

Electric double-locking door design releases with a single touch, for safe and easy access.

Can be connected to an optional printer (NOT INCLUDED) for validation and record keeping of sterilization cycles.

Can accommodate three dental instrument cassettes (11” x 7.5”) placed either vertically or horizontally using a standard cassette-rack system.



Fully-automatic, microprocessor-controlled operation

Sterilized items are dry

Reliable, trouble-free operation during evaluation

Easy to use touch screen panel

Waste reservoir can be drained during operation


Unit – 16.1 x 17.5 x 20.5 inches

Chamber Capacity – 17 L

Chamber Diameter – 9.84 inches

Chamber Length – 11.8 inches

Reservoir Capacity – 3.5 L

Weight Without Water – 105 pounds